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Home Interior



Estates Neighborhood Home Watch has many services available to make your life more convenient. If you need to leave your home to travel for an extended period, we offer services to close your home, so you don’t have to. We will bring in lanai furniture, put out the trash, shut off the water main, open all interior doors and closets for maximum ventilation, set AC, set appliances, including water heater, to vacation mode, etc. We also can prepare your home for arrival. Imagine arriving home and, all your appliances are on and ready to go, your lanai furniture is out, and your water is on and prepped for a hot shower. Even the refrigerator is fully stocked, and ice is available for your favorite beverage upon arrival.

At any point, we can also provide access to your unit for regular maintenance, for home repairs, or to open up unit for renters or family members. We can run your vehicle to idle during home watch inspections and connect the car battery to trickle charge. We can also forward mail and many other services. Please call for options.

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