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Home Watch Services

"Home Watch is the visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues."


Roof Leaks

With rain falling practically every day during the summer months, roof leaks are all too common. Even a newly installed roof has the potential to leak. Protect yourself by having a Home Watch professional look after your home.

The Problem

During the summer, daytime temperatures in South West Florida can easily reach the mid to high 90’s with humidity averaging 71% in August. Rain falls daily with the possibility of flash floods, tornadoes, and electrical storms with hurricane season running from June to November. Please note that all this happens while most owners are at their north address. During this period, calamity can strike in the form of a roof leak, house flood, or even power outages rendering all appliances useless, including the refrigerator and air conditioning unit. Imagine returning home only to find that a nearby lightning strike tripped the circuit breaker leaving your freezer, full of groceries, to thaw over a period of a month. How about arriving home to find all your leather furniture and clothing in your closets are covered in mold because your house was at a constant humidity of 72% after the AC went down three weeks ago. If you live in a condo that is at least 10 years old, there is a good chance that at any point, you can experience water intrusion from an upstairs unit coming from a broken shower pan, a failed toilet wax ring, or any number of other issues.


The Solution

ENHW can help by inspecting your single family, coach, manor, condo, efficiency, trailer, or any other kind of home at a reasonable rate. Inspections are typically done bi-weekly, but weekly and monthly inspections are also possible. We follow a stringent checklist of items observing and reporting our observations. All inspections are documented, recorded, and reported to our clients immediately upon inspection. If any issues are noted, these will be included within the report with all pertinent information and accompanying photos. The client will also be called immediately. Arrangements can be made through ENHW to provide access to a chosen contractor to facilitate any necessary repairs reported by our technicians. In most cases, this can be done at no extra cost and, we can also provide a preferred vendor/contractor list should you not be familiar with local businesses.

The Inspection

Weekly, or Bi-weekly fully customizable home inspections available at reasonable rates. We thoroughly inspect your home for any issues, including, but not limited to, water intrusion, roof leaks, AC, pests, plumbing, landscaping, pools. A thorough report is sent to the homeowner after every inspection.

Some items on our checklist include:

•Retrieve the mail and bring it into the home.
•Check for landscaping issues.
•Check for any issues with walkways or driveways.
•Verify that all entrances are secure upon arrival.
•Verify that the water main is off upon arrival.
•Inspect building exteriors for signs of a break-in or any exterior property damage.
•Check for any visible damage to the roof.
•Check for any issues with pool equipment.
•Verify if lanai doors are secure.
•Check pool cleanliness.
•Inspect for any damage to lanai cage, screens, or lanai screen doors.
•Note the indoor temperature.
•Run AC test.
•Check the status of the AC filter.
•Note indoor humidity.
•Verify if the refrigerator/freezer is working properly. Check if the ice maker was set to off and emptied.
•Inspect all rooms and closets.
•Note if ceiling fans are on.
•Run all sinks and flush all toilets. (optional, but recommended)
•Check for any issues with sinks or drains.
•Check for any issues with toilets.
•Check for any issues with the garbage disposal.
•Verify that windows are secure and free of issues.
•Check for stains or damage to walls, ceilings, or floors.
•Verify that the circuit breaker is not tripped.
•Verify if the garage access door is locked upon arrival.
•Check for any issues with the garage door.
•Verify water heater is off or set to vacation.
•Verify all garbage bins are empty upon arrival.
•Check for any pests within the domicile.
•Note whether the home needs to be cleaned.

And much more. This list is infinitely customizable.

Estates Neighborhood Home Watch.

Naples Premiere Home Watch Service Provider.

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