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Tropical Storm

Storm Services

Wind Gusts During Irma in Naples, Florida.

One of the realities of owning a home in southwest Florida is that inclement weather is inevitable. Hurricane season runs from June to November, but you can count on unexpected storms to hit at any point throughout the year. Annual average precipitation is approximately 54 inches across the state, with more precipitation occurring through the warmer months of June through September. During this period, floods, electrical storms, and even tornados are possible.


At any point, Estates Neighborhood Home Watch can prep your home by bringing in lanai furniture as well as any loose exterior items which could become potential projectiles during a storm. We can also close any automatic or crank shutters that may be left open due to association requirements. Post-storm, we can inspect your home as soon as the area is considered safe for travel, sending you a report complete with pictures of any damage. We can also provide access to insurance adjusters or contractors to provide any necessary repairs. Please call for details.

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